Upcoming Workshop 

“Portraits – Character and Form”  with Stacy Lund Levy

When:   Saturday, November 4, 2017
Where:  Annapolis Friends Meeting House, 351Dubois Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401
Time:    10:00am – 3:30pm
Cost:     $65 Member, $75 Non –Member
Cut-off date: October 24

A portrait by Stacy Lund Levy

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In this workshop, Stacy will demonstrate the basics of how to paint a portrait.  She will review the underlying structures of the head and neck and how they impact shadows, highlights and form.  We will be studying details that add character to make each face unique and how to capture them in your painting.

We will be focusing on color mixing to create a wide variety of skintones.  You may be surprised at the colors needed to create a realistic, interesting portrait.  Yes!, green and purple may be included.  We will also touch on the benefits of adding reflected color.

A copy of the color reference that I will be using to demonstrate, will be provided. Students who would like to bring their own reference may do so.  Please keep in mind that the clearer the reference, the easier it will be to paint.  Stacy suggests an 8×10” color photo with clear shadows, highlights and color.  If you can’t see the details, it will not make a good reference.

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About Stacy Lund Levy

A portrait by Stacy Lund Levy

Born in Baltimore, Stacy Lund Levy has always been interested in art and science.  She combined the two interests to complete a degree in medical and biological illustration at the Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine program.  She worked as a medical illustrator until she decided that she would like to depict the subjects of her paintings and sculptures without all the extra information contained in the internal organs and structures. Now she paints flowers, portraits, and animals.

Currently she teaches classes at Carroll Community College and North Carroll Senior Center, and is enjoying creating her art free of publishing deadlines.    

A portrait by Stacy Lund Levy

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