How to Help

Our club depends on volunteers! Listed below are ways you can help AWC.

Executive Board Positions:  We currently need to fill two of the four executive board positions.  If we cannot fill these positions, we will not be able to continue!  These positions require a bit of time and a lot of enthusiasm, but you can count on a lot of support from the board to make the job fun and rewarding. 

President:  Are you the person of character and charisma who will save the Annapolis Watercolor Club?  Please, if you feel that you could fill this position for us, you will have approximately 130 very grateful artists to help you. The duties of the president are to oversee all business and activities of the club, and to preside over the monthly board meetings and general meetings.

Vice-President:  The vice-president is responsible for arranging the program for the monthly general meetings.  If you would enjoy interacting with local artists, this could be the job for you.  This position involves connecting with artists to do a demonstration for most meetings, and also organizing the holiday party and the spring fling for the December and April meetings.  The vice-president works closely with the president in overseeing the business of the club, and should be ready to step in in the case of absence, disability, or resignation of the President.

Other positions:

Exhibition Co-chair:  The post of Exhibition co-chair is an exciting job for those interested in seeing our members work firsthand. Each show is an adventure and a work of art in itself! Hanging paintings and choosing locations requires a special and creative person with a good sense of organization. Barbara Burns is currently Exhibition Chair, but this job would be much easier shared with a co-chair.

Facebook page manager:  Here is an easy way to help for someone comfortable with Facebook!  We need someone to manage our Facebook page.  This is a private page, so the manager will be responsible for approving or denying requests to join, as well as posting events and news.

Trip Chair:  We have been without a trip chair for the past year.  We need someone with a little time and a lot of enthusiasm to arrange one or two trips a year.  The board will help you!