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April Rimpo
Watercolor and Fluid Acrylic

Nov. 8th, 2017
Marlyland Hall – Room 205

April  Rimpo works in watercolor and fluid acrylic, focusing on fluid acrylic for the last several years.  Loving to paint on watercolor paper and chasing wet paint, April has learned to love the immediacy of fluid acrylic. In her program she will share her approach of working on an abstract background and developing an expressionist image that allows portions of the abstract to show through. Since shifting to fluid acrylic April had two paintings included in North Light’s AcrylicWorks3: Celebrating Texture, one painting in AcrylicWorks4: Captivating Color, and two selected for AcrylicWorks5: Bold Value.

April Rimpo, “Morning Song”

April has said “Watercolor and fluid acrylics allow me to work more loosely than the tight rendering characteristic of my earlier oil and pencil work. I believe it is the fact that watercolor and fluid acrylic flow in unpredictable ways that inspires me. It absorbs me into the work; allowing the piece to develop in directions not fully planned as I respond to the flow of paint. This is part of the thrill of working in watermedia that I didn’t find in other media.”

Having traveled extensively across the United States and abroad, April captures and shares her experiences in her bold acrylics and watercolors. Rimpo’s work allows the viewer to experience new cultures, and the stories and people of far-off places.

April Rimpo, “Cycling”

April M Rimpo, “Race”

April Rimpo, “Rock Arch”

April Rimpo, “Steep Terrain”

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These demonstrators are subject to change throughout the year.


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