Club Policies


Refunds can be granted up to ten (10) days prior to a workshop or trip event. No refunds after the 10-day deadline will be granted except in the case of medical emergency or death of a family member. The event chairperson, or in their absence the President, shall make the decision as to the validity of the refund request on a case by case basis.


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1. Eligibility
Unless the show is specified as “open,” only AWC members in good standing are eligible to submit entries to an AWC sponsored show.

2. General Requirements
a. Artwork Dimensions. The maximum frame size in any direction is 48”.
b. Frames/Cover. Frames must be well selected, well cut and of professional quality, with wire for hanging (no sawtooth hooks), with glass, acrylic or Plexiglas.  Art 24 x 30” or larger must have Plexiglas or acrylic for safety.
c. Identification. Artwork must be identified with artist’s name, title of painting, artist's contact information (phone number), and price.  If not for sale, include “NFS” or “Price upon Request”. This information should be placed on the rear lower left of the back of the artwork.

3. Juried and Awards Shows
a. General Requirements apply
b. Accepted Artwork: All work must be totally original, created by the artist.
c.  Not Accepted: Prints, copies or likenesses of another artist’s work, i.e., another’s work, i.e.:  painting, drawing or photo. Artwork created in workshops and classes, paintings shown in previous AWC
Juried/Award Shows, artwork painted more than three years previous to the date of show.
d. Media:  Watercolor, acrylic (painted in a thin watercolor manner), and gouache.
e. Mats:  Mats must be well selected, white or off-white, well cut and clean. A colored inner mat is permitted if double matted.
f. Support:  Artwork must be on paper.

4. All-Member Show.
a. General Requirements apply
b. Accepted Artwork: All work must be totally original, created by the artist.  Artwork resulting from guidance, photos, drawings or paintings used in workshops or classes must have proper credit given to the source to be specified after the “title” on the identification label. ie: “photo from John Doe workshop”, or “from guidance in Jane Doe’s Class”
c. Media:  Watercolor, acrylic (painted in a thin watercolor manner), casein, gouache, and light-fast ink.
d. Mats:  Optional.
e. Support.  Paper, illustration board, watercolor canvas, or panel.

5. Waivers and Honor Statement:
Artists must agree to and sign the Waiver and Honor statement.

6. Informing Gallery/Show Venue:
AWC will provide a copy of Show Standards.

AWC Show Waiver and Honor Statement

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As an exhibitor, my signature below acknowledges my agreement that

(1) I will not remove my artwork before the end of the show,

(2) that AWC and its affiliated facilities (show venue) will not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibited artwork and

(3) that my artwork complies with the AWC Show Standards, which I as a member in good standing have read and agreed upon. My work adheres to the required media restrictions and meets presentation standards.

(4) My artwork is (please check appropriate statement):

( ) Totally original, conceived and executed by myself.

( ) Produced in part with input from another. I have referenced the supporting material or guidance after the Painting’s Title on the label citing “from (reference material)” or “by (author/artist/person)“.

I understand that any violation means removal from Show and any and all awards

attributed to said artwork will be forfeited.


Please Print Name____________________________________________________

Date _______________________________________________________________

Acknowledgment of Artwork Pick up