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Paint for the Rivers

The Arundel Rivers Federation is seeking a donation of a water-themed painting to be auctioned at their annual fundraiser. Mary Kfoury, AWC member and Arundel Rivers Federation Auction Committee member, is conducting a competition for AWC members only. One water-themed painting will be selected to be donated by the artist to the annual Arundel Rivers Federation Auction (“Arundel Rivers on the Halfshell”), which will take place on April 4, 2020.  Your donation to the Federation will support the Riverkeepers of the South, West and Rhode Rivers, and their many programs and restoration projects.  For more information about the Arundel Rivers Federation, go to

 The competition process will be as described below.

1.      Submissions due March 4, 5:00 PM

a.      Entries shall be electronic, in JPEG format, resolution 150 DPI or better

b.      Theme of the works shall be related to the water: the rivers, the Bay, flora and fauna of the waterways; landscapes, seascapes, people of the Bay, working on the bay, recreation, fishing

c.      Send JPEG files as e-mail attachments to Mary Kfoury at

2.      Entries will be reviewed by a Selection Committee composed of members of the Federation and the Auction Committee. The Selection Committee will select one or a short list of paintings. (March 5-9).

3.      The selected  painter(s) will be invited to meet with the Selection Committee and present the original of their submission (s). (March 9-12)

4.      The Selection Committee will make the final selection and notify winning artist and the AWC. (March 13)

5.      The winning artist will deliver the original painting, matted and framed, with completed Auction Donation form, to Arundel Rivers Federation headquarters in Edgewater. (March 20)

6.      Auction, Saturday, April 4, 2020, 5:00 PM, Camp Letts, Edgewater, MD