How to Help

Our club depends on volunteers! Listed below are ways you can help AWC.

Vice President:  Here is a great opportunity to meet and communicate with other local watercolor artists!  Our present vice-president is moving to the Eastern Shore in June, so we are seeking a dedicated individual – or two – to replace her.  She has broken the position into two parts, each requiring only a few hours per month, and there is already a great team in place to assist the ‘facilities’ half of the job. Here is the breakdown:

Vice President, Programs

  •      Contact potential presenters for 10 slots and send contracts 3-6 months before presentation date
  •      Post schedule on Drop Box.
  •      Obtain a bio and an example of work from the presenter.
  •      Write a 1 paragraph description of the upcoming presentation and forward it to the chairperson of the Newsletter, Website and if appropriate, Publicity committees.
  •      Forward a copy of the signed contract to Treasurer for generation of payment.
  •      Verify times and details with the presenter 1 week before the meeting.
  •      Introduce the presenter and facilitate the 1 hour presentation.
  •      Send thank you email to presenter.
  •      Write up a short summary article for the newsletter.
  •      Attend 10 monthly AWC Board meeting or have VP of Facilities go in your place.

Vice President, Facilities

  •      Collect AV equipment from Annapolis storage facility.
  •      Arrive 45 minutes before the meeting start time to set up equipment with the help of the AV team.
  •      Pack up equipment and return to storage facility.
  •      By the end of June, book meeting sites with times, obtain contracts and post on Drop Box.

Historian: We are looking for someone with deep AWC history to be our club Historian. We have a rich 43-year history and yet many details live in various heads and scattered file cabinets around Annapolis. Our club is seeking someone to gather and “document” our history, including assembling artifacts and memories in order to honor and preserve the AWC story. Ideally, we would identify a club Historian who may want to form a small committee of historians to assist. There is no strong deadline so no big time pressure. We just don’t want to ignore this need!

Plein Air Coordinators: We are seeking 2-3 coordinators to plan and notify members of plein air painting opportunities. Ideally these coordinators would be geographically dispersed in order to serve our members in various locations throughout our region. This plein air program answers a casual and sometimes spontaneous need to get together with other members to paint.