March Meeting

The Story of Daniel Smith Watercolors

Scott Stevenson, presenter
Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
*** Registration required to receive free sample bag  ***

Learn about the paints we use!  At our March meeting, DANIEL SMITH National Sales Representative Scott Stevenson will teach us about where pigments come from, whether they are from natural minerals or synthetic chemical compounds (used for automobile paints!).  We will learn how natural pigments are made, from sourcing mineral ore through grinding it, purifying it, milling, blending colors, mixing, and quality testing.  We will also learn about the properties of the pigments, including granularity, light-fastness, dispersion, refraction, etc., and how these properties affect the apparent color and luminosity of the paint.

DANIEL SMITH is providing us with ‘gift bags’ that will include samples of their paints (dot cards), a Princeton watercolor brush and watercolor paper samples.  As of March 1, all available gift bags have been reserved.

Raffle First Prize

Raffle First Prize: Gift Box

In addition, paid members may also enter a raffle to win one of three items:

1:  A gift basket worth $200 of a variety of watercolor supplies
2:  $75 gift card to purchase things at Art Things
3:  $25 gift card to purchase things at Art Things

The winner will be selected at the March meeting.  To enter the raffle, we are requesting that you make a donation to Maryland Hall.   This donation will be designated for tuition assistance for students in financial need that would like to take art classes at Maryland Hall.   Please join us in supporting ‘art for all’!  Deadline for entry:  midnight, March 9

Gift Bag Details:

Daniel Smith Gift Bag

Since the number of gift bags is limited, we will require pre-registration.  The first 100 members to register will receive a gift bag.  They will be available to pick up at Art Things of Annapolis, now located in Maryland Hall.  We are strongly encouraging members to visit Art Things to pick up their bag in person, look around and perhaps buy something while you are there!  If you do not wish to go in to the store, they will bring it out to your car.  If you are unable to get to Maryland Hall, we will mail it to you.  Please note:  As of March 1, all bags are available for pick-up for pre-registrants only.  All bags have been mailed to those who requested it.

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