— Mark Hiles Workshop Photos

On Saturday, January 25, 2020 the Annapolis Watercolor Club hosted a sold-out workshop on “Traditional Landscapes” with Mark Hiles.  The workshop was held at Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park.  Mark chose to work on a scene of two barns for his demo, a scene he has painted many times.   He emphasized working from lighter areas to darker and from background to foreground.  Following his demo, he provided pointers and advice to attendees individually as they worked on their own paintings, some using his reference photo and some using their own.  Here are a few of his general tips:

  • Find the focal point first.  Why do you want to paint this reference?
  • Break down your reference into 4 or 5 big shapes
  • Paint back to front with your washes
  • Paint light to dark in your washes
  • Use the 4 color rule in each wash if possible
  • Visually find soft and hard edges in your reference
  • Include the opposites:  warm to cool, light to dark, specific to subtle, soft edge to hard edge
  • It’s just a reference; the artist can choose to decide and design what the painting needs

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