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Blink your eyes and we are using a 2022 calendar! There will be a new year with a new Annapolis Watercolor Club president. I am grateful to have been able to fulfill my three-year term and look forward to helping the incoming president when requested. Please read further in this newsletter for information on how to submit a nomination. According to the by-laws, all nominees will be considered and voted on at the next board meeting (January 6). Current Annapolis Watercolor Club members will then be able to vote at the January Members’ Meeting on Zoom (January 12).

And just like that, a new chapter begins!  Happy painting!

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Kathleen Lanzoni
Our next painting demonstrator for the AWC Members Meeting, January 12
By Juanita Green

"Radiance" - 22 x 30

Artists statement:  "I have a passion for watercolor painting and life!" This is a great way to describe how I feel about painting and why I paint.  Immersing myself in the fluid and unpredictable qualities of watercolor is what I think of as controlled chaos.  I have control of my planning, composition, and drawing, then I loosen up to apply the paint and let the magic happen.  There is a wonderful feeling when applying the paint and seeing how the colors blend and flow.  I get entranced when seeing different lighting, colors and shapes in the world around me and my joy is to capture the atmosphere of nature, urban scenes and people. 

Take a moment for yourself and go to Kathleen's website link below to view the many wonderful paintings she has created in her own realistic painterly style.  She creates her work both in the studio and also enjoys painting en plein air.  Enjoy the purity of her colors and the many different subjects she paints:


Thank You, Russell Jewell

We enjoyed Russell's painting demo at the Members Meeting on December 8th, and, hopefully, some of you were able to watch his demonstration video on our AWC YouTube channel -- only available until January 1, 2022. 

Russell took us on a journey through the quick steps he takes in laying out his painting.  There was an interesting trick with using transparent plastic overlays for previewing where he wanted to add people, or objects.  And, who could forget his suggestion to "squint."


Our Art Salon host, Andrea Naft, welcomes you to our monthly Zoom Art Salon.  E
mail your painting .jpgs for the Zoom Art Salon to our host at: anaft123@gmail.com

Please email your .jpg paintings to Andrea no later than Sunday, January 9th. 

Andrea suggests that you might consider adding more information:  "Why not add to your description what you think worked well, what you struggled with, or learned, and if there are any areas you would like input from members about.  For example you could state:  "I am not sure if the shadows work - or, is there enough value change, etc."

Include the TITLE and SIZE, with a short back story.

January 12 - Zoom Meeting
(You will receive an email invite with a Zoom link
the morning of January 12)

6:30 pm  Andrea Naft presents Our Members Art Salon

7:00 pm  President, Linda Luke, gives AWC updates

7:15 pm   Live Art Demonstration with Kathleen Lanzoni


Email your nominations
for President and Secretary to
before the Board Meeting of January 6.

As of this date we have these nominations:
President:  Juanita Green
Secretary:  Richard Schatz

AWC members will vote on January 12 at the Zoom Members Meeting for the candidate of their choice for both positions.


    Happy New Year!  Have you renewed your dues for 2022?  Our membership year begins on January 1st, so if you have not done yet so, please visit our website and renew your dues.  It’s easy; 80% of our members who have renewed so far did so on-line, and there have been almost no questions or issues.  Just go to https://annapoliswatercolorclub.org/Sys/Profile and log in, using your email address as your user name and selecting ‘Forgot password’ if you have not logged in before. 

    I have created a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page attempting to answer questions that may arise about the Wild Apricot interface.   Here are a few samples:

    • My personal information is missing or incorrect.  How do I change it?

    Select the avatar symbol in the upper right corner (appears as a right-facing arrow on a mobile device) and select ‘View Profile’.  You should then see a button labeled ‘Edit Profile’ at the top left.

    • My email has changed.  How do I change it?

    You cannot change your email address yourself since this is your primary identifier in the database.  Please contact the site administrator.

    • Who can see my personal information?

    Only AWC members can see the directory.   Your name, town, state, and zip code are visible in the directory by default.  Only site administrators can view all of your information.  To change what is visible, select ‘Edit Profile’, then select ‘Privacy’ in the line below the ‘SAVE’/’CANCEL’ buttons.

    • I want to call another member/send an email to another member.  How do I get their phone number/email address?

    Due to privacy concerns, email addresses and phone numbers are not displayed in the directory, but you can send a message to another member through Wild Apricot; just click on their name and you will see an option to contact them.  The message will be sent to their email address.

If you have still have questions, contact me at lizgrimes@comcast.net.

Liz Grimes

Website administrator


Happy New Year, Artists! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Now it’s time for new beginnings, new resolutions, new paintings — and some new exhibits!  AWC has two exhibits contracted for 2022 and one more in early planning stages.

“A Brush with Springtime”

Our exhibit, marking the end of winter, in the Quiet Waters Park Visitors’ Center will be held March 30 to May 8. 

There will be a reception, tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 3.

We will exhibit in both rooms — the Willow and Garden Galleries — plus the hallway between them and the stairway, with plenty of space for at least three paintings per artist. The entry form will be available on our AWC website beginning March 1st and the deadline for submitting your entries will be March 16.

There will be a 25% commission on any paintings sold.

The entry fee will be $20. All paintings submitted will be exhibited and there will be a judge to award prizes.  More details will follow in the February newsletter.

Think past the winter snows and the cold and dark days to early spring blooms, the greening of the trees, and warm, sunny days.  

Joan Machinchick

Exhibits Chair


March 30 to May 8, 2022 -- exhibit at Quiet Waters Park (details to be announced)

September 5 to October 15, 2022 -- exhibit at Wimsey Cove (details to be announced)



Attention all artists!  I have the green light to use local art as part of my production of The Lost Boy at Colonial Players. It is the story of James Barrie writing the story of Peter Pan. If you are interested, contact me so we can pick scenes that will work. I am quite excited about this, and I hope you are as well.

Email Joe Thompson with questions:  joethomp@gmail.com

The following is a list of scenes to illustrate:

  • 1)   Peter and the mermaids,
  • 2)   Peter learning to fly.
  • 3)   Peter in a boat with Tinkerbell.
  • 4)   Peter's carriage being flown away by fairies.
  • 5)   Captain Hook.
  • 6)   Peter and Hook and Tinkerbell.
  • 7)   Peter outside his mother's window in London.
  • 8)   Peter and Wendy.
  • 9)   And, a character called the Old Crow (male) talking to Peter.

Subjects should be painted in a classical theme, no Disney characters.  See sample by Alice B. Woodward, 1907 watercolor, Peter and Wendy: 

Maria Sola

Shannon Kelly


NEW monthly article by
Newsletter Editor, Connie Robinson

We currently have over 177 members in our club, and not everyone knows each other.  Because we have been Zooming during our monthly meetings, we can see faces and names on our computer screens; but, have not been able to converse with each other.  Hopefully, we will some day meet in person again in Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.  There are members from out of state that still need an introduction.

For future articles, please send me an email with a nomination for another artist:  constancejr@comcast.net

This month I want to introduce Shannon Kelly from Atlanta, Georgia.  Here is her introduction, in her own words:

am a special-ed math teacher and mom of a 6-year-old living in warm and sunny Atlanta, Georgia (yes, even in January). 

While I’ve always been artistic, I did not get serious about watercolor until about 4 years ago. After my mother retired, she started taking watercolor classes, and she pestered me to give it a try. I had a toddler at home and a full-time job but I reluctantly agreed to take a 4-day workshop from Janet Rogers in July of 2018–as long as my dad would babysit my daughter. Thank goodness for nagging mothers! As she suspected I would, I fell in love with the medium almost immediately. 

I started by painting my own kid (a lot!), then other members of my family, then neighbors and friends. I have a knack for painting people, so in January of 2019, I “opened” DaisyLions Studio, my watercolor portrait business. Along the way, I’ve taken classes from Dylan Pierce and Alexis Lavine, and have learned so much from the AWC’s monthly meetings. 

A year into the pandemic, the “portrait artist” box started to feel too tight. So last year, I gave myself permission to try all kinds of new things: I got accepted into 4 national juried shows. I challenged myself to paint 30 birds in 30 days. I started selling my work at art shows and making prints and other merchandise. I revamped my website,
 daisylions.weebly.com. I also started selling my art at some local boutiques and coffee shops. And while I still love to do commissioned portrait work, I now paint landscapes and animals and mushrooms and anything else that piques my interest, too. 

This year has taught me that being an “artist” takes a strange mixture of vulnerability, to put your work out into the world, but also plucky audacity, to dream new dreams. Balancing the art ventures, while still teaching full-time, has been a challenge, but I am so lucky to have the unwavering support of my tribe–my wife, daughter, and parents. 

(Samples of Shannon's paintings below.)


This will be my final submission as Chair of the Sunshine Club.

Chairing the Sunshine Club has been a rewarding position and I have enjoyed keeping in touch with so many of our members.  However, due to personal reasons, I feel it is time to give another member an opportunity to take over.     

Dina Weavers, a long-standing member of AWC, has volunteered to be that person and I know she will do a wonderful job.  So, in future, if you would like a sympathy or get -well card sent to a member, Dina will be the person to contact.  Her contact Information is: Sunshine.AWC.dw@gmail.com

Wishing all our Club members a safe and happy New Year!

June Poole, Sunshine Club Chair

(click here to print copy)



6          7:00 pm Board Meeting
9          Paintings due to Andrea
12       6:30 pm Art Salon  
                            7:00 pm General Meeting                     7:15 pm Art Demonstration by             Kathleen Lanzoni


3       7:00 pm Board Meeting
6       Paintings due to Andrea
9       6:30 pm Art Salon  
                               7:00 pm General Meeting                     7:15 pm Art Demonstration by             Dale Popovich


3       7:00 pm Board Meeting
6       Paintings due to Andrea
9       6:30 pm Art Salon  
                               7:00 pm General Meeting                     7:15 pm Art Demonstration   


2022   Quiet Waters Exhibit
Publicity Deadline: February 1
Installation: March 29
Exhibit: March 30 to May 8
Tentative Reception: April 3
Pick up: May 9

2022   Wimsey Cove Exhibit

Exhibit: Sept. 5 to Oct. 15

Treasurer's Report

As of December 18, 2021, AWC’s accounts are as follows:

Checking: $6,679.65

Savings: $11,239.09

Total $17,918.74

Sheryl Paris, Treasurer3


Mentioned in WEBSITE NEWS:  Go on Wild Apricot to pay your dues to https://annapoliswatercolorclub.org/Sys/Profile and log in, using your email address as your user name and selecting ‘Forgot password’ if you have not logged in before. Our membership year runs from January to December, and dues are still $35 per year.   To pay visit your member profile by clicking on the avatar in the upper right corner of the page.  You will see 'a 'RENEW TO...' button part-way down the profile page. Just above the button, you will see 'Renewal due on' date, so you can check to make sure you have not already paid. Your on-line payment is secure, but we will still accept checks if you prefer. Checks should be made out to AWC and mailed to AWC, PO Box 6030, Annapolis, MD 21401. 

Liz Grimes

Do you have an article to submit? 
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Did you read something art related to share? 

Send the article or link to Connie Robinson, Newsletter Editor,


Joan Machinchick, Exhibits

Juanita Green, Publicity, Program Coordinator, and Plein Air

Liz Grimes, Webmaster

Connie Robinson, Newsletter Editor, and Social Media

Richard Schatz, Special Projects 

Dina Weavers, Sunshine

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