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Recent Demonstrators

Wednesday, November 10, 2021  Demonstration by Laurin McCracken

Our November meeting featured realist painter Laurin McCracken.  He is best known for his still-lifes with crystal, silver, fruit, and fabrics on black backgrounds, full of sparkles and reflections, inspired by 16th and 17th century Dutch and Flemish painters. He emphasized that although his paintings exhibit a high degree of realism, he is not a photo-realist. Since he may spend a minimum of 120 hours on such a painting, he opted instead to share technique tips with us, learned over years of experience. The nearly 80 members in attendance were highly appreciative!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021  Demonstration by Michael Holter

A native of North Dakota, currently living in Plano, Texas, Michael Holter chose a view looking north from our own Eastport bridge for his demonstration.  Although the light was very diffused, he stressed the need to show where the light is coming from.  He showed us how to build a sense of depth by pushing the values beyond what they are in the reference photo. Don't just copy the photo, but enhance it, he told us; adding more sense of depth makes it more interesting.  By the end of his demonstration, he had us all mesmerized!

Wednesday,  September 8, 2021  Demonstration by Soon Y. Warren

As we rejoined for our first meeting of the fall, our demonstrator was acclaimed realist painter, Soon Y. Warren.  For her demonstration, she chose a pond surface with floating leaves, ripples and reflections.  Her studio paintings may take eight hours or more to complete, so for the demo she showed us her techniques using several partially-completed paintings.  We learned how she applies frisket, her use of plates rather than a traditional palette for red, blue, yellow, and black pigments, how she mixes her own blacks, and how she applies broad washes and fine lines.  She reminded us to paint what we see, not what we think.

Past Demonstrators

2020 - 2021

June -- Andy Evansen

May -- Sterling Edwards

April -- Critique with David Lawton

March  -- Scott Stevenson (Daniel Smith Watercolors)

February -- Alex Hillkurtz

January -- Carolyn Marshall Wright

December -- Mick McAndrews

November -- David Daniels

October -- Keiko Tanabe

September -- Brienne Brown

Past Workshops

2020 - 2021

Alex Hillkurtz: "April in Paris"
April 22 and 23, 2021 (2-day on-line workshop)

David Daniels: "Exploring Watercolor"
March 30 and 31, 2021 (2-day on-line workshop)

Mick McAndrews: "Sophisticated Simplicity in Watercolor"
February 24 and 25, 2021 (2-day on-line workshop)

Kathy Dennin-Maegher:  “Fawn” of Subtle Color
February 18, 2021  (on-line workshop)

"Quick Sketch Portraits" with Pam Wenger
January 5, 6, 2021 (on-line workshop)

Keiko Tanabe             December 2020
Brienne Brown
          November 2020
Stacy Lund Levy         October 2020

2019 - 2020

June -- Video demonstration

May -- Video demonstration
April -- Critique with David Lawton
March -- Anita Ewing
February -- Tom Bucci
January -- Bruce Handford
November -- Carol Liz Fynn
October -- Carolyn Councell
September -- Ruth Bailey

2019 - 2020

Mark Hiles                      January 2020 

Stacy Lund Levy           November 2019
Rachel Collins               September 2019

2018 - 2019
June -- Ray Goodrow
May -- Ray Ewing
March -- Catherine Dolch
February --Gloria Fischer
January … Maggie Cao
December … Holiday Party
November … Annette Uroskie
October …  Alex Tolstoy
September … Thomas Bucci

2018 - 2019

Kurt Plinke                     April 2019
Susan Avis Murphy      March 2019

Pam Wenger                    November  2018
Steven Fleming               October 2018


June … Ronaldo Dorado
May … Sue Corrigan-Yo
March ... Stacey Sass
February ... Joan Bevelaqua
January ... Rob Wood
December 13 ... Holiday Party
November 8 ... April Rimpo
October 11... Linda Luke
September 13.... Joanna Barnum


Kathy Daywalt                 February 2018

Stacy Lund Levy              November 2017


June ...Ken Karlic
May... Diane Gibson
April ....Spring Fling with Chris O’Neil
March ... Pam Wenger
February ....Anne Hathaway Chamberlain
January ....Stacy Lund Levy
December ....Holiday Party
November .... Nancy VanMeter
October .... April Rimpo
September ....Christine O'Neill

Nancy Van Meter             July 2017
Kathy Daywalt                  April 2017
Steve Fleming                  September 2016

Lynn Ferris                        June 2016
Linda Luke                        April 2016
Sue Corrigan-Yo              February 2016

Steve Bleinberger           November 2015
Brenda Kidera                  June 2015
Bruce Handford              March 2015


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